Yvonne van Vlerken holt sich ihren ersten Sieg in 2017

Yvonne van Vlerken_Int. Lanzarote Duathlon 2017Yvonne van Vlerken sichert sich ihren ersten Sieg im neuen Jahr. Die Niederländerin gewinnt den 21. Interantionalen Lanzarote Duathlon über 5/20/2,5 Kilometer in einer Zeit von 1:01:40 Stunden.


Yvonnes Kommentar im Ziel:
„I feel like I own this race, because I have now won it six times, the first time was in 2002, so even though I’m getting old, it’s not always the person that’s in the best shape, that wins, it’s also about the mind. The first 5 km wasn’t fast but I did not want to go out on the run in a big group because there were some really good cyclists there. I tried to go just a little bit faster to lose some of the girls and it worked. I tried to use the downhill to get away, but Alexandra closed the gap coming into T2. I knew from the first un that Alexandra was under pressure and that I would probably be the quicker runner, so I felt in control.“

Lanzarote Duathlon 2017Top-3 im Damenrennen
1. Yvonne van Vlerken, Netherlands – 1:01:40
2. Alexandra Tondeur, Belgium – 1:01:53
3. Maria Varo Zubiri, Spain – 1:05:41
4. Daniela Sämmler – 1:06:02

Top-3 im Männerrennen
1. Kenneth Vandendriessche, Belgium – 55:03
2. Antoine Mechin, France – 56:44
3. Leon Martin Drajer, Argentina – 57:05

8. Per Bittner – 57:38

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Text und Foto: Club La Santa